Matheaze Tutors is one of the premier tutoring companies in the United States. We offer top-quality math and test prep services at affordable prices.

We provide private tutoring to K – 12 students, and we specialize in test prep for the PSAT/SAT, ACT, COMPASS, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, TSI and other state assessment and college prep tests.

We believe that every student has the potential to succeed—and it’s our job to help them realize that potential. When students are able to understand academic concepts with clarity and confidence, they can achieve their goals.

Our tutors are experienced in a wide range of subjects including Math, Language Arts, Sciences, test prep, and more. Our staff includes college students and graduates, expert educators who have worked in a range of school settings (both public and private) as well as post-graduate students and university professors.

We offer our services in an online setting as well as traditional tutoring in person (when necessary).

Mission Statement

We want to help you make Math simple. To do this, we work with parents and their children to help chart a course for their academic future through our relationships and partnerships with the local schools in their communities.

As parents, you know that your child has the potential to succeed, but there are too many distractions out there—social media, video games, school sports—that can keep them from reaching it. We specialize in the areas of Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Calculus, and AP Statistics. Our tutors help students understand the subject matter by explaining it in a way that is understandable to them. Whether they have a particular problem that needs focused attention or they are looking for weekly or bi-weekly grade checks to ensure they are meeting the goals you set for them, we can help them reach their goals.

Our goal is to provide an affordable option for parents who want their children to be challenged in their math courses and to have a better understanding of their studies. We specialize in the areas of Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and AP Statistics. Our tutors will take the time needed to explain the subject matter in a way that is understandable to your child.

What We Do

Founded in 2014, Matheaze Tutors provides academic and exam prep tutoring services to students from Kindergarten through Adults. We help homeschooled students work within their curriculum, provide homework help to students during the school semesters, and offer comprehensive programs to prepare students for ACT, AP, IB, SAT, PSAT, and GED at affordable rates!

Our founding was born out of a vision of making education accessible to all. We set our sights on becoming the premier resource for educational excellence in our market area. We believe that every student deserves an opportunity for a great education regardless of their background or financial situation. Our goal is to help improve the fundamental skills needed for academic and professional success by providing the highest quality instruction in a safe and supportive learning environment.

We aim to be responsive to the needs of the community by providing a variety of educational services including academic tutoring, college prep, test prep, and enrichment programs. We also offer accelerated courses for gifted and talented students who are seeking intellectual stimulation outside their current classroom setting.

We take pride in our tutoring staff who are highly qualified educators with a passion for helping kids learn! Members of our team have many years of experience in their respective areas of expertise.

We provide exclusive summer tutoring programs for students of all ages to help reinforce concepts from the previous school year and provide a solid foundation for the next school year.

How We Serve Our Customers

We provide a customized learning experience to our students through:

  • One-on-one Tutoring – the tutor will have 100% dedication to the needs of our students.
  • Semi-Private Tutoring (2 to 3 students) – a very safe environment for students to discuss ideas, study materials, and learn from one another in a smaller group setting.
  • Small group Tutoring (4 to 7 students) – very safe environment for students to discuss ideas, study materials, and learn from one another in a mid-sized group setting.

Offer tutoring at the most preferred location of your child. Currently, all tutoring takes place:

  • Online – a more flexible and convenient location to suit the needs of the student.

Have very flexible schedules and offer very affordable rates with no contracts required. We work our tutoring sessions around the student’s schedule.