Who We Are


Matheaze Tutors is a thriving in-home and online tutoring, exam prep, and educational consulting company in the United States!

We provide professional and results-oriented tutoring to students of all ages, students in need of assistance in challenging courses, students who are looking to optimize their grades, students preparing for standardized tests, and students with varying forms of academic challenges.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Make Math Simple. To do this, we work with parents and their children to help chart a course for their academic future through our relationships and partnerships with the local schools in their communities.

Our primary goal is to improve your child’s school grades, enhance your child’s ACT/SAT scores, and assist with college entrance essays and other entrance requirements so that they can gain admission to the college of their dreams.

What We Do

We offer tutoring for students in grades K – Adult in Math, Sciences, and other subjects. We also offer comprehensive programs to prepare students for ACT, AP, IB, SAT, PSAT, and GRE at affordable rates!

We also offer academic and exam prep tutoring services to students who are homeschooled and work within their curriculum to help them succeed.

During the school semesters, we provide homework help to students after school hours and on weekends.

We provide exclusive summer tutoring programs for students of all ages to help reinforce concepts from the previous school year and provide a solid foundation for the next school year.

To accomplish this we:

Provide a customized learning experience to our students through:

  • One-on-one Tutoring – the tutor will have 100% dedication to the needs of our students.
  • Semi-Private Tutoring (2 to 3 students) – a very safe environment for students to discuss ideas, study materials, and learn from one another in a smaller group setting.
  • Small group Tutoring (4 to 7 students) – very safe environment for students to discuss ideas, study materials, and learn from one another in a mid-sized group setting.

Offer tutoring at the most preferred location of your child. Tutoring can take place:

  • In your home – a more familiar environment and less stressful for parents with busy schedule
  • Convenient location (like library) – for students who need a location outside the home to avoid distractions.
  • Online – a more flexible and convenient location to suit the needs of the student.

Have very flexible schedules and offer very affordable rates with no contracts required. We work our tutoring sessions around the student’s schedule.