students getting ready for school

JumpStart the School Year (JSY) Program

Avoid Knowledge Loss. Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

As you are enjoying the last few weeks of your summer vacation, we hope that you are also preparing for the upcoming school year. We realize that many students will be starting college for their first semester, and for others, it may be time to take a refresher course in Math.

If you’re starting college or planning to take a refresher course in Math, we wanted to let you know about our JSY program: JumpStart the School Year. Our program is designed to help get students ready and mentally prepared for the upcoming semester courses, especially in Math, Reading, and Science.

JSY includes the following:

  • free assessment (placement test) for the student’s next course
  • brief review of the student’s previous courses
  • develop a personalized plan to address any observed weaknesses
  • develop a comprehensive plan for students taking SAT/ACT tests which will include tips for achieving success in these exams.

Matheaze Tutors is here to help get your child ready for the next semester and SAT/ACT tests. Our trained tutors will work with your child to improve his or her Math skills and confidence level, so your child can get the most out of their classes and excel in their college entrance exams.

We look forward to helping you start off your new semester with Matheaze Tutors.