[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Matheaze is continually seeking qualified tutors and educators to work with our students locally and online.

Our tutors:

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  • are passionate and motivated
  • are very experienced educators with over twenty years of experience of teaching/tutoring among them both locally and internationally
  • are skilled at motivating students who may be struggling at school
  • have previous teaching or tutoring experience and enjoy teaching and/or tutoring
  • have expertise in the subjects or tests they tutor

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  • are background checked and have scored from 80th to 99thpercentile in majority of the standardized tests including ACT, SAT and GRE
  • are matched to your child’s specific needs. In addition, we make the commitment to communicate with your child’s class room teacher to ensure they are making progress.
  • are expected to provide timely feedback to their students
  • are flexible and willing to adapt to the learning needs of the students
  • are willing to collaborate with our sudents’ teachers at school to help measure progress

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