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Academic Tutoring Plans

Introducing Our Academic Tutoring Plans

We now offer tutoring plans to help our current and prospective customers determine the best services that meet their financial needs and the academic goals for their children.

All our tutoring plans offer the following:

  • Assitance with school subjects and topics
  • Homework assistance and study help
  • Lesson notes and feedback to parents
  • Tutoring is available online or in-person.


1 on 1

  • For students who want undivided attention from the tutors
  • One student only during the tutoring session



  • For students who want to learn together
  • 2 or 3 students are allowed during this session
  • Best deal for students from the same family



  • Tutoring in a group setting
  • Ideal for students studying together for school tests or standardized tests
  • The students must be working on the same topics and subject for this to be beneficial
  • Small groups are usually 4 - 8 students
  • Large groups are available
  • Offers the cheapest rate per hour for each student