Reviews & Testimonials

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Matheaze was exactly what I needed.

I have nothing but gratitude for Matheaze. During a stressful period of my life where I needed to complete a standardized test toward my program, Matheaze was exactly what I needed. They worked with my schedule and customized a study program just for me.  The drills were intense but they made the subsequent practice tests that much easier. I was given several practice tests to help prep me in the days leading up to the exam.  The end result is that I scored much better than my program required!  I will tell anyone to go to Matheaze for their personalized study needs.  Matheaze Tutors definitely value you and your time.  Thanks, Matheaze!

- Jacky Ashu from Fayetteville


Thanks. It sounds like it is really going well. She seems excited about learning the content and seems to be improving already. See you on Tuesday and thanks again!

Increased Confidence

“Thank you so much for your help, we can see quite a bit of difference in her confidence levels” - Parent of 11th Grade IB Physics Student

Tutoring is helping

“We will definitely continue with the tutoring. It is helping, he got a 92 on his last test.” - Parent of an 11th Grade Student

Thank you

“I cannot say how thankful I am with the progress of the boys. Thank you” - Parent of 11th Grade Pre-Calculus Student

Very knowledgable and accommodating!

I am fortunate to be a student with Matheaze. The tutors are very knowledgeable and accommodate my learning style. My ACT tutor is helping me a lot in pursuing the college of my dreams.

- Eva Marie from Bentonville

Excellent one on one tutoring!

Matheaze Tutors is an excellent one-on-one tutoring company. The tutors breakdown each concept and make it easier to understand. They listen to me and understand my problems. I have made huge progress in my Geometry class in school.

- Aaron from Bentonville

Great Tutor

Enrolling our daughter in the Matheaze tutoring program was a great choice. My daughter's tutor enables her to learn at her own pace. The tutor explains ideas and concepts very clearly

- Parent of an 11th grader

Very good tutor and the weekly communications are very good.

Jenny is an excellent tutor. She is always pleasant, professional and very knowledgable about the subject matter. Matheaze has been "on the mark" with regard to communication about billing, rating tutoring sessions and providing answers to questions.

- Kelly from Fayetteville

Easy to find the right tutor!

I used matheaze as a last minute decision to get a tutor before my test and I am glad that I did. It was easy to find exactly the right tutor for what I needed help with. I had a very positive experience with Matheaze Tutors and will definitely consider it as my first option whenever I need tutoring in the future.

- 10th grade Student from Springdale High School