Why is Summer Learning Important

6 Reasons to Enroll Students in Summer Learning Programs

For many students, the end of the school year signals the beginning of summer vacation. But for many others, the end of the school year signals the beginning of a summer learning program.

Summer is the perfect time to focus on learning. Summer break is not just for fun and games.

The summer months offer a great opportunity to figure out how to make learning a lifelong habit.  The key to learning is to make it fun for kids because they are always looking for something to do. 

Many students believe it is easier for them to learn when they are enrolled in a summer learning activity without the added pressures of school tests or accelerated learning programs? 

I am going to share with you 6 reasons you should take advantage of learning programs during the summer months.

1. Summer programs boost a child’s self-esteem.

Summer learning programs provide children and students with an opportunity to learn new skills – like literacy skills, social skills, and Math skills — and gain knowledge that will serve them well throughout their lives. When children are involved in activities that they enjoy, they are more likely to succeed both academically and socially. Summer programs also provide an environment for students to learn at their pace which helps improve their knowledge and therefore boosts their self-esteem. In this way, summer programs can improve the lives of many young people in disadvantaged backgrounds. 

2. Summer educational programs close the achievement gap for poor-performing, minority, struggling, and low-income students.

Summer is an opportunity for students to advance, improve, and explore new interests.  It gives students who may not have had the opportunity to have a summer vacation the opportunity to enhance their understanding and skill level. At Matheaze Tutors, we are on a mission to expand opportunity for better educational opportunities and lower the achievement gap for low-income, minority, and at-risk students. In a recent study, summer programs have shown to help close the achievement gap for students. 

3. Students are better prepared for Math, Reading, and Writing classes.

Summer classes are great for students looking to make a change in their grades or those looking to make a jump to the next grade. Students are better prepared for Math and Reading classes when they enroll in summer classes. It’s such a great way to keep kids engaged and to reduce the workload for teachers and staff after the school year. The best part is, it’s the perfect opportunity to have kids work on other important skills like critical thinking and communication.  Summer classes also give kids a chance to have more time to learn and to grow. It’s great for everyone involved: students, teachers and the administration.

The summer programs we offer at Matheaze Tutors allow tutors identify students’ weaknesses, develop a plan to address them, and help them get a head start on the topics for the next grade or subject.

4. Summer learning programs increase their chances of completing high school and going to college.

Summer learning programs target students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn over the summer. These programs are important because not all students have access to learning over the summer. These types of programs are beneficial to all students, but they’re especially important for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They give students the opportunity to work with mentors and improve their reading or math skills. Summer learning programs are not only great for students, but they also help society as a whole. Students who take advantage of summer learning programs learn important skills that will contribute to their high school success. The knowledge and skills they develop in these summer programs will also be beneficial to them in their college years and will help them succeed in their college endeavors.

5. It’s cheaper to expose kids to learning in the summer than during the school year.

There’s more time to focus on work or personal projects in the summer. But it’s important to find a balance. Exposure to new things like different languages, athletic activities, and other learning opportunities will make your kids smarter, more engaged, and more likely to be successful. Kids in school learn in cluttered classrooms where there are distractions all around them. Summer camps are also more affordable than most of the extra private tutoring sessions (for students whose parents’ schedules do not allow them take advantage of afterschool programs) available. These factors make summer programs very desirable to parents, teachers, and students.

6. It’s easier for kids to catch up if they fall behind.

Nowadays, kids need more ways to learn than just classroom time, because they live in an age where they can’t count on their parents being home all day and their grandparents are more likely to stay home with their illnesses, so why not equip them with the best learning resources possible? Sure, there are full-day programs that provide full-day programs but also needs to be a balance between self-directed learning and supervised practice. Summer programs allow students can work on topics or subjects they struggled with during the semester in a low-pressure environment.

Summer is the time to prepare for the next school year while avoiding summer learning loss (summer slide), and one way to do that is to participate in summer learning programs. During the summer, children have more time to focus on learning, but many of them spend the time outside playing instead. If you want to give your child a head start on the next school year, look into summer learning programs such as those offered by Matheaze Tutors. Learn more about summer learning programs today by contacting us today. They can help your child learn while having fun.

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  1. Great information and reasons on summer learning. It is truly a time to focus for all students to focus areas they want to improve on.

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