Middle School & Junior High Tutoring


Let Us Teach Your Child Proven Success Habits

Our tutors build core academic skills while teaching elementary students success habits like effective time management, organization, self-advocacy, and perseverance through challenges – behaviors that establish an early foundation for achievement in school and life.

Your Child Has the Right To Succed

Academic Coaching tailored to student’s needs
Flexible hours and frequency
Adapt to state requirements and standards
Coaching to accommodate student’s learning style

Why Do People Love Us?

Completely Customized Services

Individualized Coaching

Tutors work one-on-one with your child to assess strengths and weaknesses, designing a unique learning plan tailored to their specific academic goals and needs.

Semi-Private Coaching

Small group sessions of 2-3 students are structured to focus on targeted learning goals for each child, promoting collaboration while ensuring individualized attention.

Group Coaching

In sessions of 4-6 students, group coaching is used to provide peer learning opportunities while tutors deliver instruction customized to the collective academic needs of the students.

3 Simple Steps to Success

Schedule an Assessment

Administer diagnostic assessments to determine the student’s current knowledge, skill levels, and learning requirements.

Establish Academic Goals

Collaborate with the student and parents to outline specific academic goals and benchmarks for tutoring.

Develop Personalized Plan

Create a personalized tutoring plan outlining materials, curriculum, activities, and schedule tailored to the individual student’s needs


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