3 Ways Parents Can Turn Summer Break Into a Valuable Learning Tool

Summer break brings with it a great deal of joy for kids. The last thing moms and dads want to do is squelch that pleasure, but if your child is struggling academically, that time away from school can become a turning point if you use it wisely. Thankfully, there are ways to not only optimize summer with learning, but do it so that your youngster enjoys every minute. 

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Add Some Technology

For the most part, kids love technology. They love games, playing online, and fiddling with devices, so why throw some tech into the mix of summer fun? As a matter of fact, some studies show that children learn better when you add technology to their experience. There are educational toys available, like robots for sci-fi-style fun, digital easels for creativity, and puzzles that encourage understanding of space and better their problem-solving abilities. 

Another idea is to encourage your child to explore fun, educational websites for free. This includes everything from history-focused sites to websites that help kids explore the vast and mysterious underwater world of the sea. 

If your youngster is on the autism spectrum, consider checking into adaptive or assistive technologies that can help with things such as communication, social skills, organizational abilities, coordination, and speech.

Tablets and handheld devices are particularly useful for kids with autism thanks to their portability and flexibility. Also, note that those with coordination or learning challenges find touchscreens far simpler to use than keyboards. 

There are options for all sorts of specific autistic concerns, from smartphone apps to social media pages, allowing you to find unique selections that promote independence and enhance communication.

Think through your child’s specific needs, and look to technology for fun, interesting, educational help. Budget-conscious families can even get free devices for special needs children. 

Get Kids Outdoors

Camps are a summertime classic, but they are no longer limited to sleeping in tents and hiking trails. These days, you can find a camp to encourage your youngster in a wide range of subjects. For that matter, going off to camp in and of itself can bring important benefits, such as encouraging social skills, enhancing independence, and boosting self-confidence. 

Think about what type of camp would fit your child’s interests and needs, and then explore your options. There are adventure camps for those with a flair for action, arts-oriented camps for kids who love to create, sports camps for budding athletes — you name it! It’s a chance to dive into a particular interest and develop your child in a well-rounded manner.

You can also keep your kids active and enjoying the outdoors in your own backyard. Keep them busy by adding a new playground or sandbox or have them help you plant your own vegetable garden. If they’re going to be spending more time outdoors, you may also want to install a fence around your property to prevent wandering. Whatever outdoor improvements you make, make sure to keep track of them in case you ever sell your home.

Encourage Reading

Much of education hinges on a child’s ability to read, and some children seem to take to reading more readily than others. It’s a must-have skill, and as Nord Angelica International School explains, parents can be pivotal in helping kids with reading. Simply encouraging reading for pleasure can help those much-needed skills develop. 

If your child is struggling, summer is an ideal time to help her out. Consider enrolling in a summer reading program. There are programs that give kids free books, rewards, giveaways, and even money! With diverse book options to mesh with your child’s interests, plus various incentives, you can find something to spark enthusiasm and growth.

If your child could use a bit of help in school, summer break can be a turning point. Look at reading programs, consider camps, and examine the many technological options available. Opportunities abound, and by making the most of them, your youngster will bloom! 


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